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Thursday, October 26, 2006

MANASSAS, Va., June 6 -- announced today that it has launched a free service that allows organizations to maintain an online media room. Journalists, clients, prospects, and the public use a media room to get the latest news and information about an organization in a neutral environment free of sales pitches and ads.

"In a world of blogs, wikis, and podcasts, we felt small and non-profit organizations were being left out," said co-founder Chris LeCompte. " enables these organizations to improve their online presence and easily keep it fresh." includes press releases, an RSS feed for press releases, fact sheet, press kit, press contacts, management bios, events, articles, image gallery, awards, interview request form, and a media contact form. Every aspect of the media room, including the media room template, is managed through a control panel.

“ was born from our own need internally to better manage our PR strategy. In the past we constantly fell behind on issuing press releases and developing media-specific content on our web site,” said co-founder Jonathan Arehart, President & CEO of Cavendo Corporation. “And it just made sense for us to offload this from our webmaster so they can spend their time more wisely. At the same time I realized the value this brought to Cavendo and found it logical to make this available to other organizations.”

About MyMediaRoom

MyMediaRoom was founded in April 2006 by Jonathan Arehart and Chris LeCompte. After growing tired of seeing outdated news on company web sites, they set out to create a tool that would make press releases simple. A free account with MyMediaRoom includes the ability to post press releases, a fact sheet, press kit, press contacts, events, articles, and awards. Each free account includes free templates to change the look and feel of the media room. Premium features are available for a monthly fee that allow further customization of the media room. For more information, visit at

About Cavendo

Founded in 2000, Cavendo connects the world with technology through innovative products and services. Cavendo operates through its business units: Cavendo Web Solutions, custom web design and development; Small Business CIO(tm), technology leadership for small and mid-market organizations; MyMediaRoom(tm), the public relations content management solution for media-conscience organizations. For more information, visit Cavendo's global web site at or call (703) 350-4066.

CONTACT: Jonathan Arehart of Cavendo Corporation, +1-703-350-4066 x101,


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